Jillian Brie Kennedy


Using all mediums; charcoal to watercolor, oils and acrylics, mosaics to airbrush, 
I've developed what I call “Abstract Impressionism,” Where I create an abstract painting using acrylics, gels and mediums, then paint a photo-realistic subject, such as a turtle or blue marlin.
 	“CREATE WHAT YOU FEEL”, are the words that I live by and trademarked. I created and trademarked “Frogart”, an adorable blue frog who acts a guide for teaching children of all ages, to project their feelings using colors and shapes to represent their emotions.   Life is full of ups, downs and arounds.  When one expresses what’s in their heart and mind, in a fun colorful way, Wonderful things happen!  Not only is it a representation of what one has gone through,  there is a beautiful piece of art to look at! Now  that it’s out in the open,  that feeling or memory is visible and it  is possible to move forward…..
The possibilities of an open mind are endless!

“I have been blessed with the talent to draw, paint & create,

which fills my life with happiness. I feel the need to share my work

with the world, in hopes that the happiness will be passed onto others.”